What is Zanshin Tech?

Zanshin Tech is a martial art developed for people from 11 years up: it blends together cybersecurity techniques with the principles of traditional oriental martial arts (acceptance, respect for your opponent, serene vigilance, discipline).

Though the discipline was originally intended to help young boys and girls, it has been successfully applied to adults; in children it helps thwart enticements, cyberbullying and on line threats in general. In adults it effectively helps counteract on line scams, cyber stalking, cyber mobbing, etc..

Zanshin in Japanese is the state of total awareness a master should have before, during and after a fight.

The main goal of Zanshin Tech practitioners is to reach this state when using technologies.

Zanshin Tech is therefore a long journey, generally held one and a half hours a week in a place equipped with all the necessary devices (computer, tables, chairs, and so on)

Through the analysis of real cases and their dissection in the individual attack techniques used by the aggressor students learn how to recognize the internal mechanisms of cyberbullying, enticements and many other digital attacks such as online scams or cyberstalking, always in the respect of the Rules of the Dojo (the first of which is not to use what you learn to attack other people).

Cyberbullying means little or nothing in of itself: there are specific attack techniques, used to attack a person on line. By studying these techniques and their "counter-techniques", students learn how to stop an aggression at the very beginning and prevent it from becoming a serious problem.

In upper levels Zanshin Tech becomes Peer Education: students learn how to teach, cooperate with their masters, while they keep following their path learning new things, thus gaining self-esteem and becoming increasingly active inside the dojo.

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